Work until your idols become your rivals.

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This is the best motivation quote I ever read

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ok but consider this

  • who cares


kristen LOVES the paparazzi

wit and intelligence 

This is the revolution, and you are the m o c k i n g j a y 

We tend to judge others by their behaviour and ourselves by our intentions.

— Albert F. Schlieder (via spelberg)

Lucky Genie by Daft Punk & Girls' Generation
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Lucky Genie | Daft Punk/Girls’ Generation Mashup


Would you like to be in a real war?


Cinna has turned me into a mockingjay.

“The main thing I feel is a sense of relief. That I can give up this game. That the question of whether I can succeed in this venture has been answered, even if that answer is a resounding no. That if desperate times call for desperate measures, I am free to act as desperately as I want.”

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